Reimagining dev recruitment

It takes a brilliant developer to hire a brilliant developer. We source and tech screen the best talent across Europe for your recruitment needs.

Reimagining dev recruitment

Our strong suit

How are we changing the recruitment game?

Hiring devs keeps you awake at night. Read on to learn how we help to take the sting out.

We don't charge any upfront fees
Unrivalled talent
We have built an unrivalled database of dev talent across industries
Not just matching specs
Our services also include an HR screening, basic tech screening, recorded live coding session and a technical evaluation of the candidate
Our recruiters are superstars
We have a specialised team of senior devs who have worked at bluechip companies who thoroughly tech screen all candidates according to your requirements
We know the trends
Our niche skill sets and project experience using the latest frameworks set us aside from other generic IT agencies
We speak your language
We speak your language: React, Typescript, Angular, Vue, NextJS, CRA, Webpack, NodeJS, Java, .NET...

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